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QWhy is the Bitcoin Cash Association needed?

ABitcoin Cash is like a huge distributed organisation with no CEO. Like any organisation with a product marketing and sales is needed to compete in the market. In the history of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, there has never been an entity dedicated specifically to the adoption and awareness of the currency through marketing and sales activities.

Marketing is important. Even if your product or service is mind-blowingly awesome, if no one knows it exists, then it will never succeed.

The BCA exists to take on this role within the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

QWhere does the BCA get its funding from?

AThe BCA has a diverse set of revenue sources including private donations from the community, sponsorship from key Bitcoin Cash businesses, and sales of merchandise.

QWhere is the Bitcoin Cash Association based?

AWe are a global organisation. Our team is distributed all across the globe and we work remotely together through the internet. The organisation was founded in Schwyz, Switzerland.

Bitcoin Cash

QWhat is Bitcoin Cash?

ACheck out this short video!

QIs Bitcoin Cash the Same as Bitcoin (Core)?

ABitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core were the same blockchain up until a specific block on August 1st 2017. At this point the network split into two separate networks commonly referred to as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core.

QWhy did the Bitcoin network split?

AThere was a large disagreement within the Bitcoin community on what was the best method to grow the capacity of the network to allow more users. The disagreement ended in a split in the community and network.

Bitcoin Cash follows the original scaling design for Bitcoin explained by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. This scaling design is to increase the capacity of the network as needed. Bitcoin Core uses a new, untested and incomplete scaling method of moving transactions off the blockchain, and only use the blockchain for settlement transaction by large institutions such as banks.

QWhat is the difference between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin (Core)?

ABitcoin Cash is a very cheap and reliable money system like Cash. Transactions cost less than 1c and are secured in the network in 10 minutes on average. Bitcoin Core transactions are expensive due to the limited capacity of the network, and can cost upwards of $50. The congestion on the Bitcoin Core network also means that transactions speeds are unreliable unless a very high fee is paid.

QWhere can I find out more about Bitcoin Cash?

AWe suggest visiting to learn more.

QWhere can I buy some Bitcoin Cash?

AThere are numerous places to buy Bitcoin Cash all around the world. To learn how, visit

QWhere can I find the Bitcoin Cash community?

AThe Bitcoin Cash community is extremely diverse and can be found many locations all around the world, including local meetups and online at Reddit and the BCA chat.

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